Industrial Areas Foundation- West Southwest IAF  – The region’s largest and longest-standing network of local faith and community-based organizations.

Coloradans for the Common Good  – Our sister organization in Denver. They are a Broad-Based Organization in the Greater Denver Metro Area comprised of local institutions, including congregations, unions, educational institutions, non-profits, and neighborhood organizations who share a concern for families and a passion for democracy and are led by their convictions, values, and faith to act for the common good.


MVP Landlord/Tenant Housing Recovery Plan  

MVP Leadership Summit Readings – The Rent Eats First, Even During a Pandemic

MVP Leadership Summit Readings – The Mexican Problem by Gabriel Thompson

MVP Leadership Summit Readings – La Renta es Primero, Incluso Durante la Pandemia

MVP Leadership Summit Readings – Problema Mexicano by Gabriel Thompson

From Protest to Politics: The Future of the Civil Rights Movement by Bayard Rustin – 

How to be Stoic – During this time of uncertainty, caused by the Coronavirus, it is vital for leaders to maintain hope, while also maintaining realistic expectations when realities change so quickly.

Power is for Politics, Not Consumption – In this article from his forthcoming book, Eitan challenges leaders to consider how we interact with politics and the incredible amount of media that is produced around politics.

Leadership in the Time of Crisis – Find here, clear and concise strategies that leaders continue to develop in their public life.

Screw this Virus – Brooks helps leaders consider the sense insignificant of solidarity that is developing in response to the Coronavirus.

Are we all in this Together? – During this time of Coronavirus, when the sense of solidarity is widespread, Sandel challenges leaders to consider how we re-think our obligations to each other to make that sense of solidarity a reality in our social and economic constructs.