About Us

Mountain Voices Project (MVP), is a Broad-Based Organization along Colorado’s Western Slope in Garfield, Pitkin, and Eagle Counties.  MVP is comprised of local institutions, including but not limited to, congregations, educational organizations, non-profits, and neighborhood organizations who share a concern for families and a tradition of faith and passion for democracy.

MVP is committed to:

  • Developing leadership and strengthening community within and between  institutions.
  • Building bridges across long standing divisions that isolate communities from each other.
  • Creating a vehicle for ordinary families to have a powerful voice in the decisions that affect their lives and communities, instead of leaving decision-making in the hands of a select few.

Responsibilities of institutions include:

  • Developing a core team of leaders responsible for organizing within their institution.
  • Participating in training sessions—monthly steering committee, three day trainings, and regional IAF training.
  • Conducting House Meetings and relational meetings in order to craft issues and develop new leaders.



Member Institutions have made a commitment to become members of MVP through a financial investment and development of a core leadership team that works to develop leaders within their institutions and organize locally through house meetings and relational meetings.

The Steering Committee, composed of institutional core team members, meets monthly for training, relationship building among leaders from other institutions, and ratifying the agenda and calendar for MVP. This group sets the direction and strategy of the organization.


The Institutional Leaders Caucus is comprised of clergy, school administrators, and executive directors who meet every two months to build relationships, reflect on building a relational culture within their institutions, coordinate recruitment of other institutions, and oversee budget and strategy.

The Delegate’s Assembly is the larger gathering that convenes the entire membership to report on progress made. The Assembly ratifies proposals from the Steering Committee around leadership, strategy, and the development of MVP as an institution.