MVP is hiring! (Jan 2024)

Mountain Voices Project (MVP) is hiring an organizer!

MVP works with congregations, schools, and non-profits in the Roaring Fork and Colorado Valleys to identify and develop leaders who are capable of working together towards the common good.  MVP organizers work directly with these institutions, organizing one-on-one and small group conversations designed to understand community concerns and to find people wanting to develop their leadership capacities to address these issues. Simultaneously, MVP organizers conduct research actions on issues identified, and coordinate non-partisan Get Out The Vote campaigns, among other actions that support the community’s strengths, needs and civic capacities.  

Organizers should be people who are relational, curious and willing to learn, demonstrate a concern for others, and have an appreciation for the type of community-based institutions MVP works with.  Proficiency in verbal and written Spanish is required.  This organizer will work with all member organizations, but will focus on expanding MVP’s presence in West Garfield County.

We are seeking candidates from all backgrounds who are interested in exploring careers in organizing. MVP is an affiliate of the Industrial Areas Foundation (IAF), the nation’s largest and longest-standing network of faith and community-based organizations, including 2 affiliates in Colorado.

Salary range for this full-time position, depending on organizing experience and bilingual skills, is $55,000-70,000/year, plus monthly stipend for health insurance.

If you are interested in exploring this position, please send a cover letter and resume to Jorge Montiel, MVP’s Lead Organizer, [email protected]