MVP Challenges Local Counties to Share the Burden of Keeping Communities Intact

Posted August 21, 2020


A nonprofit organization is trying to establish a special fund to prevent an anticipated surge in evictions of renters from Aspen to Parachute this fall.

The Mountain Voices Project has set up the Regional Landlord-Tenant Recovery Fund and is hoping for cash infusions from the governments of Pitkin, Eagle and Garfield counties along with contributions from nonprofits such as the Aspen Community Fund and private donors.

“How can we all share in the burden to keep this community intact?” Mountain Voices Project representative Jon Fox-Rubin asked in a recent presentation to the Eagle County Commissioners...

The proposed Landlord-Tenant Housing Recovery Fund depends on the willingness of some landlords to work to keep tenants rather than evict them. The model utilizes a “shared burden model” with the tenant paying at least one-third of the owed amount, one-third coming from the Recovery Fund and up to one-third donated by the landlord.

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